Green Mountain Grills & Accessories

Why Green Mountain Grills?

Variable Speed Dual Fan System

  • Hopper Fan creates positive pressure preventing burn-back in the hopper.
  • Combustion Fan maintains cooking temps in the most extreme weather and blows most of the ash out of the firebox for less frequent cleaning.
  • Venturi-Style Firebox creates a burn pot cyclone for maximum heat distribution and complete combustion with no waste.

13.5″ Peaked Lid With Massive Grill Space

  • Peaked Lid is perfect for large turkeys, stand-up chickens, meat hangers, and multi-level racks. Featured here is our Jim Bowie model with a standard 658 sq. in. grilling surface with 2 JB racks and 1 DB rack creating a total of 1,363 sq. in.

Wifi & Server Mode Smart Control

  • Control & monitor grill and food temperatures.
  • Create and set cooking profiles that are fully customizable and programable for easy repetition.
  • Set timers and receive alerts to help manage your cooks even better.

Digital Controller Standard Features

  • Low Pellet Alarm lets you know when you need to add fuel
  • Hot Start Mode in case of power failure or accidental turn-off
  • Food Probe for safe temps
  • Temperature Control in 5 degree increments from 150-500°
  • End-of-Cook Fan Mode to cool your grill down and exhaust most of the ash from the firebox for less frequent cleaning.

Stainless Steel Heat Distribution

  • The Heat Shield* that covers the Firebox distributes the heat to both sides of the grill and flows up into the convection-style grill chamber. A sensor mounted inside the grill sends data to the on-board computer ten times every second, and the controller adjusts the air and pellet flow to maintain the temperature you set.